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Black Soccer Leg Sleeve

Black Soccer Leg Sleeve

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Stop cutting your long socks! With the rise in popularity of the soccer grip socks, many players have chosen to cut their regular team socks at the ankle, in order to wear both grip socks and team socks together. Not only does this look improper, it leaves the strings exposed, ruining the sock, making them loose around the bottom edges. 

The FUTBLR Leg Sleeve completes the professional look that all football players are looking for. No need to tape your socks before games anymore. With its clean knit elastic edges, the sleeve is secure at the top and bottom. Show off your grip socks properly and feel good that your shin guards will stay in place. 

MATERIALS: 100% polyester

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash inside out. Gentle machine or hand wash with cold water. Air dry or tumble dry low. DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH. DO NOT MIX WITH SOFTENERS.

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